Company secretary

According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, each limited company should have a company secretary. To comply with this legal requirement, 818HI can represent your company locally and act as your company secretary. To provide company secretary services one must be either:

  • A Hong Kong resident
  • A Hong Kong registered limited company

The duty of company secretary is to maintain proper company record as required and stated in Companies Ordinance (not accounting records).

Duties include

  • Submit annual return to Company Registry
  • Maintain shareholders and directors record
  • File proper return to Company Registry as and when certain transaction happens, such as allotment of shares, legal charge of asset, etc.

818Hi will look after these duties on behalf of your company, acting as your registered company secretary.

Pricing structure

The pricing structure for the Company Secretary service is as follows:

  • Minimal fee for secretary service
  • Charge by-job service fee upon client request

Service included

  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • Annual Return preparation (govt fee charged separately)
  • Advisory service on secretarial matters
  • Other services are charged separately
Unless stated separately, Our fees do not include government charges and disbursements.