Company maintenance

818HI provides a range of corporate services such as company maintenance, company secretary, registered address, and more administrative tasks to ensure that your company record are always properly maintained as required by the local Companies Ordinance.

A range of corporate services

818HI is an expert project management platform covering all your business needs from company formation and business registration to accounting, taxation, legal matter and a variety of other corporate services. The services are listed below:

Company Secretary

In addition to company formation services, 818HI also provides company maintenance services including Company Secretary and Registered Address, ensuring your company record are properly maintained as required by the local Companies Ordinance…

Registered Address

Companies are required to have a registered address to comply with the Companies Ordinance. 818HI can provide a Registered Address for your company. We can also provide virtual offices services in Hong Kong, Singapore and more…


If your business needs legal advice in Hong Kong or other territories, our experts provide their experience of the local legal systems to help you and ensure the best result for your company…

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