Bank Accounts

Bank account opening assistance in leading banks

Sometimes opening corporate bank accounts can be tricky, but having a fully operational bank account is vital for any newly formed companies. 818HI can assist with the opening procedure and help your business open a bank account with the leading banks including HSBC, CitiBank, DBS, NEAT, OCBC and others.

KYC (“Know Your Client”) requirements

Each bank has its own set of requirements for bank account application, however, the following information is generally requested:

  • Director / shareholder (at least 10% of company shares) passport
  • Director / shareholder address proof (utility bill or bank statement issued within 3 months).
  • Certified company documents (e.g. for Hong Kong companies: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Association, Incorporation form, Annual Return (for companies registered for more than 1 year)
  • Ownership structure chart, including all intermediary and beneficial owners.
  • Director / Beneficial owner declaration
  • Business proof: sales/purchase invoices with matching bank statements. In case of newly formed companies, director will need to show similar documentation related to prior business activities (during last 2-3 years).

For more information and/or assistance with bank account opening in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions, please contact us.

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