Virtual Office

Virtual Office

818HI Project Management Platform offers professional virtual office solutions in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.

You can choose from a variety of packages or simply order individual modules. You also have the ability to customize our packages to fit your individual needs.

Here is the list of some of the virtual services we provide:

Service Price
Mail scanning 0.65 US$ / page
Mail forwarding Actual cost + 30%
Fax-to-email service 1.00 US$ / page
Meeting room (Hong Kong) 35 US$+ per hour (discount package pricing available)
Hot desk (Hong Kong) 30 US$ per day
Local courier service (Hong Kong) 30 US$+ per assignment
Telephone answering service 600 US$ per year (discount package pricing available)
Address rental (Hong Kong) 600 US$ per year (discount package pricing available)


This list is by no means all inclusive, please contact us for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

What is the address used for virtual services ?
Your (or your company) name, 16F, King’s Commercial Centre, 25 King’s Rd, Tin Hau, Hong Kong.
How long does it take to set up a virtual office service?
Normally, within 24 hours after receiving requested documents and payment.
Which payment methods do you accept ?
Credit card, bank transfer, E-cheque, FPS, WeChat Pay, Alipay.
Can I buy just one service, such as mail forwarding without signing up for other services?
Yes, you can, however signing up for a package allows you to enjoy discount pricing
Do I need to visit your office to order a virtual service ?
No. You can place your order remotely.
Which documents do I need to provide to order a virtual office service ?
We would need your ID scan and recent address proof.
How often is mail forwarded ?
Physical mail is forwarded twice a week. Scanned mail will be forwarded to you within 1 business day after receipt
Do you offer discounts for clients who ordered incorporation services through 818HI ?
Absolutely, discount amount will depend on the type of virtual service you wish to order.
Can I schedule a visit to your office prior to ordering services?
Yes, simply fill out the contact form to make an appointment.
What are the common uses of the meeting room ?
Seminar, workshop, corporate event, tutorial class, meeting with clients, etc.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience.